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Personal Dog Grooming Services

If you’ve been searching for a mobile dog groomer in Clarksville, Tennessee, St. Bethlehem, Sango, Adams, Fort Campbell, Kenwood, Tiny Town, Woodlawn or anywhere in between, you’ve come to the right place! Zen Dog Mobile Spa is a professional mobile dog groomer that offers a wide range of services, including haircut, styling, shave-down, bath, and nail trimming, to name a few… all in the convenience of your driveway!

Zen Dog Spa Package

Every Package Includes:

  • Warm Massaging Bath
  • Blow Dry
  • Brush Out
  • Nail Trim/Grind
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Anal Gland Expressed
  • Haircut
  • Bandana upon request

* An extra charge of $10 will be assessed for difficult and/or biting dogs

Available Extras

Some extra offerings for our furry friends!

Zen Dog Ultimate Spa Package- $10

  • Top of the line specialty shampoo and conditioner
  • Matching scented cologne
  • Fresh breath treatment with dental treat

Fresh Breath Package- $6

  • Teeth brushing
  • Breath enzyme spray
  • Dental treat

Please Note!

“To insure that we are providing an accurate quote for your pets grooming we will request a photo of your pet as well as some additional information on your pet, for example, type of service requested (Bath, Neaten, or Groom), frequency of grooming, etc. in order to serve you our newest client best. There are so many variables as to breed and size that this allows us to provide you a more accurate price quote for your pet.”

Grooming Unit Picture

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